Before and After September

How is it already February? Is everyone asking that question right now? I have a lot to recap Art-wise. Long post but mostly pictures!

April 2022: I had the opportunity to join a new artist gallery in a new multi-use development in North Amherst MA. This gave me the opportunity to try out all sorts of ideas that had been percolating – and test if what I like has appeal to a wider audience, besides my ever supportive friends and family! I learned a lot along the way:

Things I Learned

I need to provide information for my audience explaining my process,

next is a little book illustrating “how I made that”

Cyanotypes look better in white, gold frames or mounted on wood panels–

black is too constricting


Here are some images of things that sold, some to people I don’t know!

That is the most exciting thing for me to know that somewhere in the world MY artwork is hopefully hanging in someone’s living space.

Not Sold: why?!??!?!

Other Opportunities

I Taught a workshop in September with kids and adults at the Gallery-

it was a fun and casual with some great results.

Everyone came away with at least one beautiful print.

Holiday Market on a windy but sunny Saturday!

Lots of fun conversations, sales, and encouragement.

6 thoughts on “Before and After September

  1. I missed you gals today. Thank you for the update here. You are making wonderful progress getting your art out there!

    1. Your class looks like such fun. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it, and had beautiful results besides! Hooray for art, hooray for expanding creativity through teaching!

  2. So that’s what you do when you disappear, Jennifer dear! Love it all and now your artwork in the form of cards is all over the world – to my far-flung friends. Carry on your splendid work! Hugs V.

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