Wedding Collaboration

Surely a bonding experience is to collaborate with your daughter/bride to be on the printed materials for her wedding. The location was a place that is very near and dear to our family. I vacationed here with my family from the early 1970’s and when we all had our own families we continued the tradition with our parents. Almost 50 years of summer memories. I provided the raw material and she created the magic with Adobe Illustrator and her amazing design skills.

Additionally, I created prints with antique lace that had been worn by my mother, aunt and myself at our weddings and was subsequently worn by my daughter.

And finally, I am working fast to preserve the quickly fading wedding flowers

All this shows that even in the midst of planning a big event I still managed to seek ways to be creative and carve out experiences that satisfy my artistic yearnings. BUT it also highlights to me that it’s time to refocus! Happy Fall!

Following my bliss…OR Finding the courage to identify myself as an artist!

Process is what its all about…Unlike getting a job where there are externally imposed expectations and duties, I have none of that! sounds fun right? SOoit is good and other days I manage to do alot of other things like laundry, garden, read the newspaper, doom scoll 😦 But then I realize that during those times of doing nothing I am actually filling my mind with ideas of things to try in my studio, things to look up, and adding to my list of influences to acknowledge.

Things I have accomplished: updated my Etsy Shop , where my annual calendars notecards and a few new works on metal can be found-and more is on the way. Updated my WEBSITE on WordPress, which allows me to also create a blog where I can easily update what I am doing, working on and thinking . I left FACEBOOK , take that Zuckerberg, so I hope that this WordPress tool will reach a more focused audience. I am exploring the fun and unpredictable world of cyanotypes and have started working with watercolors.